Privacy Policy

1. In order to use the app, the user is required to link his or her existing Facebook account to the app. Personal information settings concerning the Facebook account must be made using the Facebook account settings menu. It is also possible to use the app with a guest account.

2. By linking a personal Facebook account to the app, the user grants the operator his or her explicit consent to store and process non-personal usage data and to use the following information collected from the Facebook account:

  • First and last name
  • Profile picture
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Friend list
  • Facebook user ID
  • Facebook tokens
Optionally, the user may also give the operator permission to create Facebook posts in his or her name.

3. The operator shall store the IP address, browser type and language of the browser at each login as well as geographic data. The operator shall use all personal information in line with the relevant regulations concerning data protection. This data is automatically processed and will not be shared without the user’s prior written consent. In the event of abuse, the operator reserves the right to forward the same information to the law enforcement agencies if legally required to do so.

4. Since the user accesses the app using a mobile device, he or she agrees when registering an account to provide the operator with the following information from the device in an anonymised form for the purposes of error correction and optimisation of quality with respect to the app:

  • Device ID
  • Version number of the app
  • Device model and version number of the operating system
  • Free memory capacity
  • Process flow of the app (user behaviour within the app)
  • Display properties
  • Hardware configuration and software environment of the device model
  • System log file
  • If available, information about the built-in wireless receiver and its configuration (3G/Wi-Fi)
  • Geographic data (country, state)

5. The operator has the right to store and analyse connection data, especially source and destination IPs and all other log files, to protect its own computers and those of third parties. The operator is also entitled to compile usage statistics that are not directly personal, and the user agrees to this provision by registering an account.

6. In order to tailor the app to the individual needs of users and to continuously develop or optimise the design and quality of the app, the operator makes use of cookies, retargeting cookies and tracking tools.

a. Cookies and retargeting cookies
Cookies are small files that are stored on the user’s mobile device when he or she runs the app. Retargeting cookies collect information about the user’s browsing behaviour (within and outside the app) as well as sociodemographic data (e.g. age and gender of the user).
The cookies make it possible to log which games the user plays in the app and how often (times of the day and days of the week), and how long the app and individual games are used for. Furthermore, sociodemographic information is stored, including the age and gender of the user. The data stored using cookies is reviewed and processed by the operator and used to adapt the app in line with the usage behaviour, requirements and interests of each user. The same information is used to create statistics and to form user groups. Furthermore, this data is used for the targeted placement of advertising by third parties. The information stored shall be updated and expanded on an ongoing basis, depending on user behaviour.
The user agrees to the use of cookies and retargeting cookies by the operator. Furthermore, the user gives his or her express consent that any personal information that has been provided or indirectly obtained (e.g. age and gender of the user) may be automatically processed (e.g. in electronic format using cookies).

b. Tracking tools
Tracking tools are third-party services that support the operator in its efforts to statistically evaluate and analyse user behaviour. The operator shall use the findings from these tools to optimise and further develop the app.

7. The operator shall employ all available technical measures to protect the user data stored on its systems. However, it shall not be liable if such information comes under the control of third parties and is used by them as a result of illegal activities. All liability of the operator is excluded for damages suffered by the user or a third party that arise from such a situation. The operator shall maintain the user’s data for as long as the latter makes active use of the app or as long as such data is required in order to provide the service.

8. The user is able to view what personal information has been stored at any time using his or her Facebook account or the app. The user has the right to modify or delete his or her personal information at any time. The operator is required to actually delete all data that the user requests to be deleted. The user may delete the app by removing it from his or her Facebook account or, in the event of a guest account, by uninstalling the app on his or her mobile device. It is possible to request that all data collected about the user be deleted by completing the support form in the app.

9. Gaminator credits are acquired through third-party providers such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For this reason, the operator has no access to payment information such as credit card details. The operator only sees general transaction data, such as the payment amount, currency, country, transaction date and purchase method.

10. The operator shall use any information collected to adapt or optimise the service on a continuous basis in line with the needs of users. Personal user data shall be used to send tailored information to individual users (app updates, new features, promotions, etc.). It is possible to unsubscribe from receiving this information at any time. The user cannot opt out of receiving messages that are necessary for fulfilling the service.

11. The app is intended for individuals who have reached the legal age in their home country. Furthermore, the app is designed for entertainment purposes only. Individuals under the age of 18 should not use the app. The operator collects information about people who have not yet reached the legal age without their knowing.